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The scope of this catalog is limited to Essig specimen records that have been catalogued and digitized. The museum has many specimens that are not yet catalogued but are available for research. For more information about the holdings of the museum, visit the Essig Museum of Entomology website.

About the system

This system uses the Apache Web server running on Red Hat Linux, the mySQL database with the Perl DBI module, along with in-house Perl scripts. The HTML query forms access Perl programs which create an SQL (Standard Query Language) query to the database, deliver the query, and process the results, creating a new web page to display the records that matched. This system is based on other systems developed by the BSCIT group in the Berkeley Natural History Museums, such as CalPhotos, the UC Museum of Paleontology, and AmphibiaWeb.

EME Specimen Database Schema

How to Cite the Essig Database

Essig Museum Online Database. University of California, Berkeley. Accessed {date-of-access} <http://essigdb.berkeley.edu/>


The Essig Database was developed originally through a collaboration between the Essig Museum and the UC Berkeley Digital Library Project (DLP). Members of the development team were Ginger Ogle and Joyce Gross Programmers, DLP, and Gordon Nishida Database Manager, Essig Museum. The system is now maintained by BSCIT.

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