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Specimen info:
Coll ID # (bnhm_id)   Example: EMEC666
Collection Code   TEMPORARY FIELD
Catalog Number             Example: 666
Project Name   Example: French Polynesia
Holding Institution  
Collecting Event ID   Example: 1249
Collected by   Example: Knowlton
Year Collected
Month Collected
Collector's Indiv. Num. (Collectors_ID)   Example: sel_188
Misc. Collector Number   Example: 88B20
Other Catalog Numbers   Example: CIS153497
Related Catalog Item   Example: JJK 056
DNA Sequence Number   Example: kww564
Identified by  
ID Year
Type status  
Preparation Type  
Life Stage  
Individual Count  
Number of Males  
Number of Females  
Collection Method  
Verbatim Collecting Label  
Verbatim Latitude  
Verbatim Longitude  

Name Soup Matches any part of any taxonomy field
Identification Qualifier  
Scientific Name Author Example: Smith
Verbatim Identification Example: nc8
Subspecific Epithet Example: coreopsidis
Specific Epithet Example: coreopsidis
Subgenus Example: Zyxaphis
Genus Example: Akkaia
Sci. Name Example: aphis ceanothi
Common Name
Previous ID   Example: Tricorythodes

Collector's Locality Num.   Example: SCC04_011
Habitat Example: cloud forest
Microhabitat Example: under bark
Associated Taxon Examples: Flourensia, microtus
Association Type
Locality Examples: Berkeley, Seattle
Elevation1 (m)
Elevation2 (m)
Elevation Text
Decimal Latitude
Decimal Longitude
Georeferencing Source   Example: ACME
Determined By
Georeferencing Remarks   Example: camp
Error Radius in Meters   Example: 100
Has been Georeferenced? doesn't matter yes no

Administrative Info:
Date record created 2006-05-16
Submitted By  
Batch ID  
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