Essig Museum of Entomology Collections - Batch Specimen Upload
Instructions to batch upload Excel records to the Essig specimen database:
  1. Download the Excel Template for Essig Museum Specimen Database
    [Most recent file dated March 29, 2018.]

  2. Delete or move any columns as desired EXCEPT for required fields.
    Required fields are different if you have a collecting event versus if you don't.

  3. If you have entered collecting events into the database already and want to link your specimen records to them,
    you must fill in at least one of the orange columns and leave the green columns empty. If you did not enter collecting
    events into the database events, the orange columns must be empty and the green columns are required.

  4. Fill out the Excel sheet and save it. Make sure you keep the .xls (Excel 2003) format. Using .xlsx files will not work.

  5. Loading more than 5,000 records at once will likely time out (not load).

  6. Use the Browse button below to select the file to upload.

  7. Click Submit.
Note: Collector names must already by in the database when loading (Add new collector).

Does your Excel sheet list collecting event numbers, matching numbers already in the database?

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