About the California Moth Specimen Database
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About the Data

Information about the California County Moth List, 23, 600 entry level.

This database has been compiled by Kelly Richers since 1996 as a resource to better survey and understand California moths. Data has been taken from a variety of sources, including published references and collections. Sources of data are listed here. Abbreviations in the data are listed here.

In any list of this length and breadth, differences of opinion may arise with regard to validity of identification. Since no one can hope to identify all moths with any semblance of accuracy, researchers are reminded that this list is a starting point for research, not the culmination of anything. Hopefully, those pursuing an individual range of information can use this to validate or check their findings. The author is not attempting to reinforce anyone's opinions as to any identification listed.

A reminder of the order of the information in the list: MONA number, genus, species, sex, location, elevation, county, state, date of collecting, collector, notes, location of specimen, describer of species, identifier of specimen.

Questions about the California Moth Database can be directed to Kelly Richers.

About the Online Database

The database was hosted for many years by Felix Sperling of the University of Alberta and can be found online here. Code for this database was written and implemented at UC Berkeley by Tobin Fricke during 1998-99 as part of a URAP project supervised by Felix Sperling. The site was modified and implemented by Lorne LeClair at the University of Alberta during 2000-2003. Felix Sperling coordinated the construction of the web version of the database during 1998-2003.

In September 2003, the California moth database was migrated to the Berkeley Digital Library Project server. The current version uses libraries and scripts developed by the DLP for other online collections such as CalPhotos and AmphibiaWeb. It is now hosted by the Berkeley Natural History Museums (BNHM). UC Berkeley Natural History Museums.

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