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AMNH American Museum of Natural History, New York
AMP "American Moths of the Subfamily Phycitinae", J. Heinrich, Smithsonian, 1956
ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
BMNH British Museum of Natural History, London
bnds Bands (in descriptions of unnamed species)
brkn Broken (in descriptions of unnamed species)
CAS California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
CIS California Insect Survey, housed at Essig Museum, Berkeley or CAS
cmpgrnd Campground
CG Campground-will replace "cmpgrnd"
CNC Canadian National Collection, Ottawa
Cr Creek
CSU Colorado State University, Fort Collins
DAB David A. Bauer
E East (used to designate a direction from the location following)
Eco Ecological
em Emerged
F Female
Fld Field
FS Felix Sperling
gmt Government
In litIn literature personally accessed by K. Richers
JAD John A. DeBenedictis
JAP Jerry A. Powell
KD Ken Davenport
KMR Kelly M. Richers
LACMLos Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles
lit Literature (information found in a published article)
LLC Lawrence L, Crabtree
LCAMI "Annotated List of California Microlepidoptera" J. Powell and Y.F. Hsu
LRL "List of Reared Lepidoptera" Essig Museum, UC Berkeley
M Male
man Manuscript
mi Miles
MONA"Moths of America North of Mexico" various applicable fascicles
mv Mercury Vapor light
N North (used to designate a direction from the location following)
NMNMNational Museum of Natural History, same as USNM. This is the updated name.
NOSC"Noctuids of Southern California" manuscript, T. Mustelin, R. Leuschner
NP National Park
P & S R Paul and Sandra Russell
PJ Peter Jump
PMT Paul M. Tuskes
R River
Res Reserve
rev Revision
RHL Ronald H. Leuschner
RMB Richard M. Brown
RLL Robert L. Langston
RSW Ronald S. Wielgus
S South (used to designate a direction from the location following)
SDNHM San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego
SJSCSan Jose State College
SP State Park
sp Species
s.s.Season Summary of the News of the Lepidopterists' Society
SSM Steven S. Miller
Sta Station
TED Thomas E. Dimock
UCB University of California, Berkeley, Essig Museum of Entomology
UCD University of California, Davis, Bohart Museum
UConn University of Connecticut
UCR University of California, Riverside
USNMUnited States National Museum, Smithsonian Institute
uv Ultraviolet light
W West (used to designate a direction from the location following)
Wh White (in descriptions of unnamed species)
WP William Patterson
YFH Y.F. Hsu

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