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Cat. ID #EMEC71596
Institution National Museum of Natural History

Scientific NameHahncappsia marculenta   (Grote & Robinson, 1867)
Collected by John G. Franclemont   Aug 4, 1967
Location Cave Creek (Cochise County, Arizona, US)
Collection Method
Associated Taxon (Host)
Identified by

Class Insecta
Subclass Pterygota
Order Lepidoptera
Suborder Glossata: Ditrysia
Superfamily Pyraloidea
Family Crambidae
Subfamily Pyraustinae
Tribe Pyraustini
Genus Hahncappsia
Species marculenta
Identification Qualifier
Type Status
Life Stage adult
Individual Count 1
Number of Females 1
Preparation Type pin
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Other Catalog Numbers

Lat  31.90101   Long  -109.15755   WGS1984
Georeferencing Source GNIS+AcmeMapper+GeoLocate
Lat/Long Determined By Gordon M. Nishida
Lat/Long Determined Date 2016-02-17
Georeferencing Remarks Point placed at contour level, error is extended to next major contour
Max. Error  1483.0000 m.
Elevation   1487 m.  (verbatim elevation: "4880'")

Record submitted 2010-04-07 by Kipling Will
Last modified 2016-02-23 by Gordon M. Nishida
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