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Cat. ID #EMEC501253
Institution Essig Museum of Entomology

Scientific NameAstata bechteli   F. Parker, 1962
Collected by Norman W. Frazier   May 22, 1937
Location Inyo Mountains, Mazourka Canyon (Inyo County, California, US)
Collection Method
Associated Taxon (Host)
Identified by F.D. Parker

Class Insecta
Subclass Pterygota
Order Hymenoptera
Suborder Apocrita: Aculeata
Superfamily Apoidea
Family Crabronidae
Subfamily Astatinae
Genus Astata
Species bechteli
Identification Qualifier
Type Status
Life Stage
Individual Count 1
Preparation Type
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Other Catalog Numbers

Lat  36.89906   Long  -118.08460   WGS1984
Georeferencing Source GNIS+AcmeMapper+GeoLocate
Lat/Long Determined By Gordon M. Nishida
Lat/Long Determined Date 2014-10-08
Georeferencing Remarks Point placed at midpoint of linear element, error is half the extent
Max. Error  7220.0000 m.

Verbatim Collecting Label

Mazourka Cn. Inyo Mts. Inyo Co.
Calif V-22-1937 N.W. Frazier Collector

Verbatim ID Label

Astata nubecula bechteli Parker male det. F.D. Parker

Record submitted 2011-04-04 by Riley J. O'Brien
Last modified 2014-10-13 by Gordon M. Nishida
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