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Cat. ID #EMEC82306
Institution Essig Museum of Entomology
Other Catalog Numbers Slide no. 6223
Related Catalog Item PW. 1168

Scientific NameNeopalpa neonata   Povolny, 1998
Collected by John A. Chemsak   May 1, 1978 - May 3, 1978
Location Santa Catalina Island, Middle Canyon (Los Angeles County, California, US)
Collection Method Blacklight
Associated Taxon (Host)
Identified by Povolny  (1998)

Class Insecta
Subclass Pterygota
Order Lepidoptera
Suborder Glossata: Ditrysia
Superfamily Gelechioidea
Family Gelechiidae
Subfamily Gelechiinae
Tribe Gnorimoschemini
Genus Neopalpa
Species neonata
Identification Qualifier
Type Status holotype
Life Stage adult
Individual Count 1
Number of Males 1
Preparation Type pin
Related Catalog Item PW. 1168
Other Catalog Numbers Slide no. 6223

Lat  33.35623   Long  -118.44940   WGS1984
Georeferencing Source ACME Mapper
Lat/Long Determined By Joan Ball
Lat/Long Determined Date 2013-04-01
Georeferencing Remarks error is the extend of the named place, closely followed the topo lines
Max. Error  339.0000 m.
Elevation   152.4000 m.

Verbatim Collecting Label

Sta. Catalina Is.Middle Cyn. at black light V-1/3-1978 J.A. Chemsak 500'

Verbatim ID Label

Pw 1168 Neopalpa neonata

Record submitted 2010-05-17 by Robert L. Zuparko
Last modified 2010-05-17 by Robert L. Zuparko
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